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Montessori Nursery / Montessori Pre-k Program

Children thrive in the Nursery Program at Centre Square Montessori Schoolhouse

  • An orderly classroom with individual activities promotes grace and courtesy.
    • Three year old children have an innate sense of order.
    • They prefer independent activities but enjoy being with other children in a secure environment.
  • We provide a secure environment that provides children in this age group with a structured but independent learning experience.
    • This environment is proven to cultivate concentration and problem solving.
    • It is also a building block for teamwork

The three and four year old Nursery classrooms have five important areas.

  • Practical Life Experiences
    • The children learn to master buttons, zippers, snaps and tying with dressing frames. They learn control by pouring, tweezing, scooping, spooning, sponging, polishing and food preparation.
    • The children work with nuts and bolts and small tools.
  • Sensorial Experiences
    • Beautiful materials help refine their visual, tactile, listening, smell and taste
  • Numerical Concepts
    • Sandpaper numerals used with red and blue counting rods teach math concepts in a clear and enticing way.
    • We start with various materials that are grouped in ways that teach the decimal system
    • These include unit beads, ten bars, hundred squares and thousand cubes. Every child learns as an individual at his or her own pace.
  • Language Concepts
    • Many of our children learn to read at an early age using sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet, and visual materials.
    • Oral reading skills develop as we match sounds with those letters using the phonetic approach.
  • Cultural Awareness
    • Classroom aids are used to explore geography, history, biology, zoology and other sciences.

In order to learn the child must first be able to concentrate. But no one can force concentration upon her. She develops concentration by fixing her attention on some task she is performing with her hands.

- Dr. Maria Montessori