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Most of you are very familiar with our lower school and kindergarten classrooms, and the quality education the students are offered. We would like to introduce you to our wonderful elementary classroom, Centre Square Academy.  

First let us start with the Montessori method of teaching in an elementary environment. Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed, hands-on and collaborative learning. Children can make choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained teachers offer age-appropriate lessons to guide the process. In a Montessori environment, children are more likely to explore a single concept over time if they can use various materials and activities.  This is one of the reasons the Montessori elementary curriculum includes a wide array of materials for math and language arts. 

Elementary aged children begin to show genuine interest in others, in their local community, the people who live around them and in different cultures.  Montessori elementary programs take advantage of this inclination by providing a wide range of opportunities for students to explore different cultures through the study of history, geography, and the sciences.  Students have ample opportunities to develop and practice their research skills.  This research also makes it possible for students to organize and share with others the information they have gathered about topics that interest them.  

With a natural interest in fairness and justice, at this stage student’s benefit from cosmic education, which build into every subject. The program introduces a concrete way of showing respect, adopting peaceful practices, learning about other people and places, and developing an awareness of personal responsibilities. 

In a Montessori elementary program each school year the children are taught the Five Great Lessons.  This is a series of five stories that give students an overall impression of the grand topics of the universe, the earth, and life on earth, spanning about 15 billion years.  These Lessons introduce students to the universe by stirring the imagination of the child and initiating exploration of important questions.  The lessons inspire students to explore other subjects in the Montessori curriculum, such as history, geography, math, science and language arts. 

A newer concept that we have integrated into our Montessori elementary classroom about five years ago is the use of different technologies.  The children are taught keyboarding, Microsoft Office programs, coding with SCRATCH, and coding with many other materials that we have purchased.  

We have been told many times, by parent, that we offer a wonderful program.  When their children transition to another school, they are impressed with their child’s readiness and advanced knowledge.