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CDC COVID-19 Guidance


  • Develop and implement procedures, temperature checks and monitoring, in children and employees daily upon arrival and throughout the day.
  • Anyone who has a temperature of 100.4 or over will be asked to go home.
  • Plan for if children or employees get sick.
  • Regularly communicate and monitor developments with local authorities, families and employees and update policies and procedures.
  • Monitor child and employee absences and have trained substitutes available.
  • Be ready to consult with local health authorities if they are cases in the facility or an increase in cases in the local area.

No Community Spread:

  • Prepare
  • Teach and reinforce healthy hygiene
  • Develop information sharing systems
  • Intensify cleaning and disinfection
  • Monitor for absenteeism
  • Assess group gatherings and events
  • Require sick students and staff to stay home
  • Establish procedures for someone becoming sick at school
  • Monitor changes in community spread
  • All lunches will be provided by parents
  • All staff will wear cloth face coverings
  • Review CDC latest guidelines